Worship Volunteers

October Worship Volunteers

October 06    Ann Wentink
October 13    Betty Hill
October 20    Sue Nowak
October 27   
Head Ushers:
October: Deborah Kz
October 06    Betty Hill
October 13    Bronwyn Allen-Kaeser
October 20    James Towner
October 27    Matthias Kaeser
Flower Donors:
October 06   
October 13   
October 20   
October 27    Bronwyn Allen
Coffee Hosts:
October 06    Mars Cheung
October 13    Suzanne Smith & Doyle Brinkmeier
October 20    Matthias Kaeser & Bronwyn Allen-Kaeser
October 27    Oktoberfest & Active Shooter Seminar

Volunteers…if you need help with any of your duties, please ask 
someone from the Diaconate to help you. If you notice we need supplies,
 please contact the church office.

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